My areas of interest lie in the field of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Technologies, specifically in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. Within this field, my current research is focused on Facial Expressions Recognition and Affective Computing. I also enjoy exploring other related fields involving Deep Learning techniques, Image Processing, Programming Languages and Photography.

I have been awarded two years in a row by the Google Research Awards for Latin America (2015, 2016) under my project: “Learning Dynamic Action Units for Three-­dimensional Facial Expression Recognition”(Sound better in English)  in joint with Prof Pablo Arbelaez.

Press coverage (in spanish):

Andrés Felipe Romero (center) is part of the 17 selected projects awarded by “Google Research Awards for Latin America 2016”. More than 800 project proposals were presented to the 2016 version.
Andrés Felipe Romero (left) receives award by the hand of Berthier Ribeiro (derecha), who is the Director of Engineering at Google Research and Development Center, located in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).



Andrés Felipe Romero (left) y Pablo Arbelaez (right) are part of the 12 selected projects awarded by “Google Research Awards for Latin America 2015”, being the only Colombian junction in accomplishing this feat, among 600 project proposals.


Andrés Felipe Romero (left) and his proud father, Antonio Romero (right), visiting a local newspaper located at Sincelejo (Sucre), which is his natal department. El Meridiano has cordially invited Andrés to talk about his award, his growth as scientist, and how far he has come at his young age, always keeping in mind that he grew up in a small, limited but beautiful town at northern of Sucre (San Marcos), as a sample of perseverance and hard work.


Andrés with his awards during the opening ceremony of the “Google Research Awards for Latin America 2016” in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), during 3 days in August 2016.



















Nowadays (2017) I’m doing a PhD in Engineering at Universidad de los Andes, CO.

Research Group

I’m part of the Biomedical Computer Vision (BCV) group at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. Our lead researcher is Prof Pablo Arbelaez.

Homepage: https://biomedicalcomputervision.uniandes.edu.co/

Meet some of them:

In our group we study several medical and non-medical problems such as: Automated Detection of Lung Cancer with Artificial Intelligence, Detection of Breast Cancer using Thermographic Images, Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Artificial Intelligence, Action recognition in Videos, among many others.